EOST: English Guide to the site
Welcome foreign visitors! =)

This is an unofficial fan site dedicated to the Czech rock-ambient-electronic-alternative band EOST.

As you have probably already noticed most of the website is in Czech but there are also some parts that even people who don't know what the word 'nejneobhospodařovávatelnější' means (ahem =) could understand.

The website includes almost 2 MB of text (that would make a book) and we just don't have the power to translate all of this into English.

This short description should save you from the most terrifying torture ever invented by a man - learning Czech. =)

Novinky = News (title page)
Just ordinary tiny Czech news about the band or this website. Unfortunately no English (except some quotes from Monty Python).

Skupina = Band
The list of band members and guests during different time periods. This is almost language free section, it includes just names. Highly recommended! =)

Desky = Records
The list of band's records and records that are somehow connected to the band (compilations, remixes, produced by, guests, ...)

Texty = Lyrics
Incomplete lyrics by EOST transcribed by us. Feel free to help us to add older stuff - it seems that even JPM can't get it right anymore. =)

Ukázky = Samples
Very short sound clips to get some clue about the latest EOST studio album

Obrázky = Pictures
Mostly (harmless) photos. They are sorted by the supposed year of origin. No language skills needed! =)

Články = Articles
Collection of all kinds of text from different sources and in different languages (look for the EN code).

Linky = Links
Well, just links. They should have some relevance to The EOST but I think they're almost all in Czech so you can peacefully ignore them.

Autoři = Authors
...of this website. You can also find our emails there and use them to try to force us translate the whole website. (If your email could get past our spam-filter. =)

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